2021 $$W Tecmo Super Bowl Tourney

Schmucks Bowl II

Today we crown a champion for the 2nd Schmucks Bowl!!!

Posted by Schmuck Sports on Sunday, February 28, 2021
# Contestant Team
1 Y. Saucedo Buccaneers
2 D. Rumsey Chiefs
3 A. Thom Eagles
4 J. Oakes Ravens
5 D. Wright Bills
6 J. Sanchez Colts
7 K. Villalpando Chargers
8 M. Sakouk Rams
 J. Oakes
 J. Sanchez
 M. Sakouk
 K. Villalpando
 D. Rumsey
 y. saucedo
 D. Wright
 A. Thom
  • Sign up here to reserve your spot in the tournament
  • Come back here on FRI, FEB 26 at 6pm PST to watch the lottery draft, and pick your team
  • Tournament seedings will follow shortly after the draft
  • First games of the tournament will begin immediately AFTER the draft on FRI, FEB 26 at 6pm PST
Submit Entry Fee
  • Venmo - @KenVillalpando78
  • Google Pay - ken.m.villa@gmail.com
  • Cash App - $KenVillalpando
  • The tourney will run on Tecmo Super Bowl updated 2021 rosters. Starting position requests can be made within reason.
  • Single elimination tournament bracket. Lose once and you're out
  • A random lottery selection will determine your seed
  • The seeding number will determine the draft order
  • Your seed will also determine who you play in the first round
  • Once the bracket is set, the games will be streamed here live!
  • Winner takes all. The more participants, the higher the payout