$$W VIP Playoffs Wildcard Weekend

It's playoff time...

Here's the setup:

  • 10-person contest (see list below)
  • $20 entry fee
  • Payout for the top 5 finishing positions
  • Top 4 will advance to the next round

VIP contests lobby HERE

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VIP League Playoff List*

1  Cnorton302196.725-13
2  KushyPuncher2443.464-14
3  RMZ071698.164-13
4  jdb23692354.243-15
5  multimoussa1970.663-13
6  Zorch00102316.972-16
7  sobenberger1978.382-16
8  stewdaddy692432.621-17
9  CSanchezWin2112.541-17
10  JersanOne2089.881-16

* If your season record does not match the NFL current season, then you have missed one or more weeks of the league contest.