$$W VIP League Weekly Recap

With each passing week, you have the chance to drop out of a division or climb up the ranks, so it is important to check your rankings weekly!

  • Find your rank on the boards below
  • Enter the appropriate division in the Draft Kings lobby HERE
  • Accumulate points and wins. You will be ranked by these numbers
  • Check back weekly for your ranking, participants move up and down the ranks
  • Play every week and win the championship for a $150 bonus!

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VIP League Standings*

Standings updated Wednesday

1  stewdaddy69315.062-0
2  multimoussa290.101-1
3  jdb2369211.361-1
4  foonaucka274.640-2
5  KushyPuncher267.580-2
6  cnorton30258.320-2
7  Zorch0010256.820-2
8  jtreling227.540-2
9  taytay2k15219.020-2
10  JersanOne218.100-2
11  natty24187.560-2
12  jacobkai2009182.560-2
13  CSanchezWin169.380-2

* If your season record does not match the NFL current season, then you have missed one or more weeks of the league contest.