$$W VIP Week 3 Recap



Upper Division Week 3 Winner


Lower Division Week 3 Winner

The Winners...

jdb2369 picks up the 2nd win of the season, and is putting together a nice season so far!

jtreling puts one in the win column, and climbs into the upper division this week!

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Division Realignment

Ok so after week 1, we are going to realign the divisions to even them out. We will roll with two divisions of 7. Good luck to all.

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VIP League Standings*

1  stewdaddy69451.182-1
2  jdb2369416.842-1
3  foonaucka360.161-2
4  jtreling349.061-2
5  KushyPuncher435.200-3
6  multimoussa393.220-3
7  CSanchezWin384.040-3
8  Zorch0010363.560-3
9  Cnorton30341.080-3
10  nrel331.160-3
11  jacobkai2009316.180-3
12  sobenberger311.740-3
13  JersanOne309.180-3
14  taytay2k15306.340-3

* If your season record does not match the NFL current season, then you have missed one or more weeks of the league contest.