$$W VIP Week 13 Recap



VIP League Week 13 Winner

The Winner...

JersanOne picks up the 1st win of the season. Congratulations!

We've merged both divisions into one

Since the lower division is getting smaller, we've decided to combine the two divisions into one. So there will be one contest per week unless we get back to full capacity. The contest will still be one winner, winner take all.

If you haven't followed our Schmuck Sports Facebook page, please do!! We also post all contest results and other sport related info, comedy, etc. Join in on the discussions and interact with the community. Schmuck Life, be about it!!

VIP League Standings

1  KushyPuncher1756.364-9
2  multimoussa1646.523-10
3  Cnorton301582.783-10
4  RMZ071209.823-10
5  jdb23691693.602-11
6  sobenberger1344.502-11
7  stewdaddy691721.201-12
8  JersanOne1634.001-12
9  Zorch00101629.071-12
10  CSanchezWin1549.781-12
11  foonaucka1672.480-13
12  jacobkai20091457.900-13
13  taytay2k151277.820-11
14  natty24897.620-12
15  drkknght777508.480-10
16  Granz007436.480-10