Week 3 Breakdown

The Madden Moneyline

Get the inside info and win against the book.

Week 2 Breakdown

The Madden Moneyline

We ran a few of this week's games through the Madden sim. Here's what we got.

Week 1: HOU at KC

The Madden Moneyline

We ran the latest Madden simulation multiple times and recorded the results. The data could be a game-changer.

NFL 2020 Predictions

The Common Denominator

David Rice gives us a full regular season prediction breakdown.

Drafting a QB

Jersan One

The over-valuing of the QB position has led to a diluted, wussy-ass product. It also has forced bad teams to reach, and make bad decisions.

How Bad you Want It?

Aht Dafuq

Would you catch the Coronavirus for a champtionship title? Yeah these are the questions we ask ourselves these days? Cry if you want, I'm gonna laugh.