Game Ball

by Aht Dafuq

Posted on September 10, 2019 at 12:00 AM

Schmucks' first ATS Lock of the Week was the Colts when the spread hit +7. And so the game ball goes to Adam Vinatieri, who missed two FGs and an extra point. The Colts lost by 6.

A healthy combo of Ekeler and Justin Jackson basically showed that they can still move the ball. Pretty much the ship has sailed on Melvin Gordon coming back to the Chargers, so I guess the bottom line is the chargers showed they don’t NEED Gordon.

Marlon Mack - I’d expect him to not be the most expensive, but this friggin guy was peeling back buttholes vs the Chargers. And the Chargers were a decent team against the run. I’d expect he could provide some good points at good value in the coming games. We’ll chart his progress.

Key Performers
  • Austin Ekeler - 96 REC YDS, 3 TD
  • Marlon Mack - 174 RU YDS, 1 RU TD
  • Philip Rivers - 333 PA YDS, 3 PA TD