Look Out, AFC

by Aht Dafuq

Posted on September 10, 2019 at 12:00 AM

It's hard to tell everything from the first game. But from this view, it's going to be a long season for donko fans.

Fantasy-wise, Thinking of maybe picking Flacco? Don’t even fuckin think about it. Philip Lindsay… Do it. Tyrell Williams was always a stud, and with AB out of the way, he’s finally gonna get the shine he deserves. He can go deep against any team, and adding more to his skillset by catching more slants and outs. Josh Jacobs is also gonna get points for you this year.

Broncos are flat. They got blown off the ball on defense. Flacco and the Bronco game plan were fighting to see who could be more uninspiring. Not a good start to the season.

Key Performers
  • Tyrell Williams
  • Josh Jacobs
  • Courtland Sutton