Devaluing the QB draft position

by Jersan One

Posted on March 1st 2020 at 2:00 PM EST

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This may be one of the most ridiculous statements made by anyone that is not a credible source, or “professional” if you will. I don’t see that the value of drafting a QB number one still holds that same importance as it once did. Its a high risk high reward situation heavily favored on the negative side of the ROI column. So why take the risk??

The NFL experts suggest that you’re not winning a super bowl unless you have a elite quarterback, i.e. Tom Brady. Fair enough, but is it really necessary considering there hasn’t been anyone come close to the rings he’s won in the past two decades with the New England Patriots? Ben Roethlisberger (two rings), Peyton Manning (two rings), Eli Manning (two rings... are we calling Eli elite?), Brees (one ring), A. Rodgers (one ring), Russell Wilson (one ring), Patrick Mahommes (one ring), and a few others that have a title but are not in the category.

With the exception of both Mannings going number one in the draft, and it resulting in a few Super Bowl titles, it's unlikely for that pick to be the answer to your QB needs. The NFL is a QB-driven league, so I guess it makes sense. While trying to maintain that standard, it has changed the game in my opinion, diluting what I love about the NFL, the contact and physicality.

The modification of the NFL rule book to advantage the QB position really makes for a frustrating experience for the fan, and not to mention all the schmucks out there putting money on these games. The turnover rate at the position is still high, all things considered. If there’s a franchise that knows more about this, it would be the Cleveland Browns. Is that not proof enough? Trade down, the player you’re looking for is lounging around the 3rd round right where their actual draft value lies. Tony Romo was a undrafted Free Agent QB, never won a Super Bowl and is making more money as a NFL commentator in 2020 than most of the players in the league today. Let that marinate.

-Jersan One

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