March Madness Preview

With The NFL season officially wrapped up, I can move on and start to give NCAA Men's College Basketball a fair shake.

With March Madness comes all the bracket challenges, office pools, and lots of opportunity to get back into the black. So let's see what the NCAA has shown us thus far. The AP top 10 is as follows:

  1. Gonzaga
  2. Villanova
  3. Kansas
  4. Louisville
  5. Oregon
  6. Baylor
  7. Wisconsin
  8. North Carolina
  9. Arizona
  10. UCLA

Today, for the first time ever, the NCAA released an in-season March Madness bracket Preview.

Number 1 seeds in the tourney can be a blessing and curse. Being a lifetime Kansas Jayhawks fan, I know this all too well. If it's business as usual for the Jayhawks, they will win the regular season Big 12 title... Win or have good showing in the conference tourney, and grab the Midwest number one seed. What's important to ponder about that is if Kansas will essentially be playing home games in the Sprint Center for the Midwest Regional Final. Watching how they play in Big 12 conference tourney will be a good indicator of how much the home crowd advantages the Jayhawks. According to this bracket preview though, it looks as if it could very well be the toughest road to the Final Four.

Gonzaga being the beneficiary of the overall number one seed will be the ticket they need to guarantee a seat in the Final Four. Sitting at No.1 in the polls with a perfect 25-0 record, any slip up will kiss that rank goodbye, and should slide drastically. The West Coast Conference will make or break them moving forward. The Zags remaining schedule is so weak, to grab the overall one seed they must run the table. See Wichita State in 2014: 34-0 and they are rewarded with facing an eight-seed Kentucky, WTF?!?! Someone in that selection committee went McDonald's and threw crazy salt in the Shockers' game. That's just disrespectful. It goes to show you that you will get what you deserve, and how much the NCAA will do anything to shit on Mid-Major Conferences.

The other 2 no. 1 seeds Baylor and Villanova, let's see....I have nothing. Nova seems to be handling business as expected, continuing to succeed its 2016 Championship run. That East region looks nasty though. I actually like UCLA in that region. My west coast bias allows me this opinion. UCLA already have knocked off Kentucky this year, and in a huge win over Oregon recently to avoid a season sweep by the Ducks. Taking only 2 other L's by Arizona and USC, is what keeps them from standing atop the PAC 12 conference standings. Lonzo Ball hitting peak stride at the perfect time has the ability to put UCLA on his shoulders and carry them to the Final Four. You heard it here first unless you some dick riding UCLA alum that already knew this. Yeah I'm jumping on the bandwagon, make room bitches!!!

Baylor?? It looks like the Big XII Basketball Conference is getting SEC Football privilege. I'm not buying it, nor do I think Baylor is either. Baylor, please send Coach K your warmest regards for serving UNC with that "L" earlier this week. We'll revisit this South Region one-seed which is most likely to flip around the most leading up to selection Sunday.

You gotta love scraping the cream off the top and whipping it into a winner. It's almost better that way. And the madness continues...

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